Thursday, November 1, 2012

Flashing Turnigy 9x Firmware With Er9x and FrSKY Two Way Telemetry System Mods.

    The open source project "er9x" is very powerful and flexible firmware for Eurgle/FlySky/Imax/Turnigy 9x R/C transmitter. We can do some modify to flashing er9x in R/C Transmitter. I bay the Turnigy 9x from internet.

    And open this transmitter.

    Choose somewhere to place connector in order link to AVR ISP programmer.
AVR ISP connector is 10 pin or 6 pin. I hope this connector is strong enough in structure, may pass through several plug in and plug out. So I have in mind this method of fixed. The com port cable use in PC with motherboard, and is 10 pin connector exactly in line with AVR ISP port.(One line connected to case, but it's OK)

    Start dibble.

    Make connector.

    Install connector.

    EL back light module.

    Add EL back light board for LCD.

    Tow way telemetry module.

    Install module on Transmitter. Start dibble and pass through cable from two way telemetry.

    Tie a knot in the back of the prevention of shedding.

     “Receiver Upgrade Lite” for rs232 level transfer.

    Being long time soldering.
    Try flashing er9x to transmitter.

    Boot and check EL back light.
     Enjoy and learn how to use the powerful transmitter.


  1. Hello! I have a 3dr re-branded 9x, and it has the same little stubby antenna rubber thing, and also has another antenna on the back. I am wondering if the stubby little antenna is mostly likely empty on that one as it is on this one.



    1. I haven't "3dr re-branded 9x".
      If you mean the top on 9x as my first photo, it is NO used, just a cover. Only back antenna used.